Against COVID-19 Together Your Personal Digital Access Card


Am I subject to permanent tracing? No, CoGa only records your entry and exit times at a partner establishment
What information do I need to provide? Only your last name, first name, date of birth and mobile phone number.
Is this information optional? No, this information is mandatory and requested by the cantonal doctor's office. See the state press releases.
Is my information retained? Your information is encrypted and stored on servers in Switzerland for 14 days. If no request from the cantonal doctor's office is issued during this 14-day period, they will be automatically deleted.
Who has access to my information? No one has access to your information if you have not been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid. If this is the case the cantonal doctor will apply to the establishment in order to have a list of people who have had contact with the person tested positive.
Does the service contribute to research? No.
Is it a paid service? No, CoGa is completely free
Is there an SMS cost? No.
Do I need to repeat the process in each establishment? No, the pass you will receive at the end of your check-in is reusable with our partners
What if I'm travelling with my family? For families or groups, it is possible to record the number of companions. This is subject to the establishment's policy.
Is it possible to use the service without a phone? Yes, in case you cannot use your phone, an access card will be provided at the entrance to the facility.
My phone is old, is that a problem? No, you can generate an access card from any computer or phone with internet access.
If I'm wrong at the recording can I correct that? Yes, it is always possible to generate a new card with the correct information.
What if I lose my QR code? You can simply redo a new QR code.
What if my phone is out of battery? The establishment will be able to manually record your exit.
A presence of advertisements? No, our service does not contain any form of advertising.
Are health data protected? Yes, your personal data will remain strictly confidential.


What information do I need to provide? When you check in you will need to provide a username, email address, postal address and a contact number of three members of your establishment.
Are my manager access secure? Yes, if you wish you can also activate dual-factor identification.
How much access does the app have to my devices? The app only uses the Wi-Fi and Camera features of your devices, it's also inactive when you're not using it.
What data do I have access to? You will have access to the number of people present in your establishment, the number of outings and the total attendance.
Is there a computer cost? No, the use of the CoGa platform is completely free.
Is the service easy for my client to use? Yes, your client simply has to fill out a form on our site and keep a QR code, you are also able to register the customer manually.
What device do I need to use CoGa? The CoGa service can be used on any computer with a camera, iPhone, iPod and iPads.
What if my client doesn't have a QR Code? If your customer is unable to generate an access card, you can generate one manually by filling out the customer form on your side, you can also generate printable single-use access cards.
I have several rooms in my establishment, how to manage them? CoGa has a feature to manage the flow of people within several rooms in the same establishment, the recording method will be done by room.
What if the internet connection within my establishment is of low quality? A weak connection to the internet is still effective for the proper making of the platform.
Can my clients change rooms within my facility? Yes, however, you will have to list the trips within the different rooms.
Do I need to take additional action? If you are present on social networks or are able to contact your customers, you are advised to notify them of the implementation of the device so that it can generate the access cards ahead of the visit.
If the cantonal doctor's department contacts me, what happens? The request from the cantonal doctor will come on your dashboard. You can accept his request or refuse and ask for additional information.
Do I still need to register entries for contact tracing? Only nightclubs and places where there is a dance floor should continue recording entries for contact tracing purposes.
How to scan COVID Certificates with Simply create an establishment account, download the application and access your dashboard to start scanning COVID Certificates.

CoGa assistance in case of any questions or problems contact: or +41 22 539 10 44