Against COVID-19 Together Your Personal Digital Access Card

About is a simple, fast-to-use and secure solution for individuals, establishments and events, making it easy to record verified information about incoming and outgoing people, where social distancing could be difficult.

In June 2020, our company, 2GIK Sàrl, began the development of the On 20 June, the pilot phase of the platform began with the Audio Club of Geneva as its first strategic partner.

What for?

For many SMEs and individuals, having been severely affected economically by the COVID-19 pandemic

It was essential to deploy a management system allowing them to know at any time the number of people present in their establishments, anonymously in order to respect the privacy of their clients, contactless and paperless, while allowing the Cantonal Medical Service of Geneva to be able to contact and inform quickly and effectively those with potentially come into contact with a person who has unfortunately been infected with the virus.

Together, let's help reduce transmission of the virus.

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